I love collaborating with musicians on developing their CD packaging and promo material—on their music, too!

Papa Lenny’s Blues Band | Take Me Home
CD Packaging.
Photos by Lenny Levis and Myles Boisen.


Phillip Greenlief | Bellingham for David Ireland
CD packaging, with booklet.
Music map scores by Phillip Greenlief; photos by Pamela Z.


Thad Povey | A Twangled Web
CD Packaging.
Shadowbox collages by Thad Povey, (Pssst—look at who’s one of the singers…!)


Adrian West and Rachel Efron
The photo of Rachel had a heavy blur effect, whereas the original portrait of Adrian was entirely in sharp focus. To unify the two images, I added blurs and saturation to Adrian’s photo.


Change of the Century: a musical tribute to Ornette Coleman
Photo by Myles Boisen.